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Introduction of the organization

Sahayatri Nepal

Sahayatri Nepal is a community based and owned NGO, which was established in the Nuwakot district after the earthquake in Nepal in 2015.

We are composed of local villagers, men, women and our youth and are committed to creating a sustainable livelihood in our native village communities.

Our members are the creators and developers of the projects. We have lived here for many generations and understand the needs and what methodologies will be successful in Nepal. The projects are therefore driven by the local people through the promotion of traditional local industries. Our projects are targeted to breaking the poverty cycle for the under-priveledged via goat farming, knitting and manufacturing bricks for residential housing, Supported by generous donations we were able to purchase a transportable brick making machine several years ago. We deployed it in our village and were able to rebuild damaged houses with local materials after the earthquake of 2015. The brick machine is now deployable in any region of need.

We also have established a Library and Learning Center“ (first community Library in the whole Rural municipality) The Aim of the project is to establish a reading culture, preserving Nepali traditions and values while uniting communities.

We also improved the drinking water supply and instituted the ‘livelihood project’ which offers goat farming to our poorest members in the community.

Sahayatri Nepal also works with donors to implement these community projects. The main goal of Sahayatri Nepal is to support and inspire people in the community to recognize income-generating opportunities and to use and promote locally available resources.

To achieve this goal, Sahayatri Nepal provides a range of life skills, vocational training, livelihood and educational training to people in the community. In addition, Sahayatri Nepal also intervenes during major disasters with emergency relief supplies and supports the reconstruction process with various possible measures.

Aim of the organization

Creating an environment in which underprivileged women, men and youth find a way to stand on their own two feet by taking advantage of various income-generating opportunities. This can also motivate young people to stay in the village or provide incentives for migrated young people to return to the village.

- Supporting people in rural communities so that they can provide for themselves
- Creating employment opportunities at the local level by using local resources
- To provide the same education to all people at the local level in the country

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Message from Founder

I am Laxman Tamang,
the founder and director of Sahayatri Nepal.

I hold a university degree in social work, journalism and English literature. Born in rural Nepal and visiting many communities during my university studies, I experienced first hand the challenges and obstacles our under privileged face. I personally feel very fortunate to have been sponsored to go to University. I am very much inspire by Jivanjili Jesse and her entire team from the Netherland. They have not only support me and my family, but also taught me to understand the value of life and inspire to help others.

I work closely with my team of 5 board members of Sahayatri Nepal to develop and implement various projects. Our greatest emphasis is on education. We understand the power of knowledge and how opportunities to learn can transform lives.

I and my team have dedicated since last 5 years to support and transform Nepal and have established very successful programs.